The Hacker Choice's IPv6 Attack Toolkit


All systems
Debian Debian
apt-get install thc-ipv6
apt-get install thc-ipv6
Arch Arch Linux
pacman -S thc-ipv6
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install thc-ipv6
dnf install thc-ipv6
Windows (WSL2)
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install thc-ipv6
apt-get install thc-ipv6


The Hacker Choice's IPv6 Attack Toolkit

Attack toolkit for testing IPv6 and ICMPv6 protocol weaknesses. Some of the tools included: alive6: an effective alive scanning. denial6: try a collection of denial-of-service tests against a target. detect-new-ip6: detect new ip6 devices which join the network. dnsdict6: parallelized dns ipv6 dictionary bruteforcer. dos-new-ip6: detect new ip6 devices and tell them that their chosen IP collides on the network (DOS). exploit6: test known ipv6 vulnerabilities against a target. fake_mld6: announce yourself in a multicast group of your choice on the net. fake_router6: announce yourself as a router on the network. flood_advertise6: flood a target with random neighbor advertisements. flood_router6: flood a target with random router advertisements. implementation6: performs various implementation checks on ipv6. parasite6: icmp neighbor solitication/advertisement spoofer. redir6: redirect traffic to you intelligently (man-in-the-middle) with a clever icmp6 redirect spoofer. rsmurf6: remote smurfer (known to work only against Linux at the moment). thcping6: sends a hand crafted ping6 packet. toobig6: mtu decreaser with the same intelligence as redir6.