set of testing and calibration tools for joysticks


All systems
curl cmd.cat/evdev-joystick.sh
Debian Debian
apt-get install joystick
apt-get install joystick
Arch Arch Linux
pacman -S linuxconsole
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install joystick
yum install linuxconsoletools
dnf install linuxconsoletools
apt-get install joystick


set of testing and calibration tools for joysticks

Some useful tools for using joysticks: evdev-joystick(1) - joystick calibration tool ffcfstress(1) - force-feedback stress test ffmvforce(1) - force-feedback orientation test ffset(1) - force-feedback configuration tool fftest(1) - general force-feedback test jstest(1) - joystick test jscal(1) - joystick calibration tool evtest and inputattach, which used to be part of this package, are now available separately.


devices to the kernel's input subsystem


Set of utilities for joysticks and serial devices


Atari 2600 Emulator for SDL & the X Window System

Stella is a portable emulator of the old Atari 2600 video-game console. You can play most Atari 2600 games with it. Stella's features include: * emulation of Atari 2600 joysticks, keyboards, paddles and driving controllers using the host system's input peripherals; * emulation of trackballs, joysticks, booster grips, driving controllers and the Amiga Mouse using the host system's mouse; * support for real Atari 2600 controllers using the Stelladaptor, 2600-daptor or 2600-daptor II; * support for real Atari 7800 controllers using the 2600-daptor II; * support for the speech portion of a real AtariVox device; * support for Supercharger single-load and multi-load games; * emulation of CRT TV features, including texturing, colour bleed, RF noise and phosphor burn-off (requires OpenGL). An extensive debugger is included, with the Distella disassembler. Note that this is not isee systems' STELLA modeling, simulation and analysis tool.