web service for transferring very large files


All systems
curl cmd.cat/fac.sh
apt-get install fex
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install fex
dnf install fex
Windows (WSL2)
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install fex
brew install fex
apt-get install fex


web service for transferring very large files

F*EX (Frams's Fast File EXchange) is a service that can be used to allow users anywhere on the Internet to exchange very large files quickly and conveniently. The sender uploads the file to the F*EX-server and the recipient automatically gets a notification e-mail with a download-URL. Main features of F*EX: * file transfer of virtually unlimited file size * sender and recipient only need an e-mail program and a web browser (of any kind; they do not have to install any software) * RESEND and REGET for resuming after link failures at last sent byte * auto-notification of recipient * auto-deletion after download * auto-deletion after expiration date (default: 5 days) * full-users can create one time upload URLs for foreign users * full-users can create sub-users, who can send only to this full-user * full-users can create groups, an analogy to mailing lists, but for files * admin can allow (internal or external) user self-registration * admin can allow upload to public recipients without authentication * admin can allow upload for LAN users without registration (anonymous upload) * maintenance-free: no administration necessary beyond creating new F*EX accounts * multiple recipients only require one stored copy * F*EX uses HTTP and needs no firewall tunnels * support for streams, too (SEX: Stream EXchange) * shell clients provided for commandline users: fexsend and fexget. (fex-utils package)