via SSH


All systems
curl cmd.cat/fence_ilo3_ssh.sh
Debian Debian
apt-get install fence-agents
apt-get install fence-agents
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install fence-agents
yum install fence-agents-ilo-ssh
dnf install fence-agents-ilo-ssh
Windows (WSL2)
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install fence-agents
apt-get install fence-agents


via SSH


Fence Agents for Red Hat Cluster

Red Hat Fence Agents is a collection of scripts to handle remote power management for several devices. They allow failed or unreachable nodes to be forcibly restarted and removed from the cluster. Fence agents included: fence_aliyun: Aliyun (Aliyun Web Services) fence_alom: Sun ALOM fence_amt: AMT fence_apc: APC over telnet/ssh fence_apc_snmp: APC, Tripplite PDU over SNMP fence_aws: AWS (Amazon Web Services) fence_azure_arm: Azure Resource Manager fence_bladecenter: IBM BladeCenter fence_brocade: HP Brocade over telnet/ssh fence_cisco_mds: Cisco MDS fence_cisco_ucs: Cisco UCS fence_compute: the automatic resurrection of OpenStack compute instances fence_docker: Docker fence_drac: Dell DRAC IV fence_drac5: Dell DRAC CMC/5 fence_dummy: Dummy fence agent fence_eaton_snmp: Eaton over SNMP fence_emerson: Emerson over SNMP fence_eps: ePowerSwitch fence_evacuate: the automatic resurrection of OpenStack compute instances fence_gce: GCE (Google Cloud Engine) fence_hds_cb: Hitachi Compute Blade systems fence_heuristics_ping: ping-heuristic based fencing fence_hpblade: HP BladeSystem fence_ibmblade: IBM BladeCenter over SNMP fence_idrac: IPMI fence_ifmib: IF MIB fence_ilo: HP iLO fence_ilo2: HP iLO fence_ilo3: IPMI fence_ilo3_ssh: HP iLO over SSH fence_ilo4: IPMI fence_ilo4_ssh: HP iLO over SSH fence_ilo5: IPMI fence_ilo5_ssh: HP iLO over SSH fence_ilo_moonshot: HP Moonshot iLO fence_ilo_mp: HP iLO MP fence_ilo_ssh: HP iLO over SSH fence_imm: IPMI fence_intelmodular: Intel Modular fence_ipdu: iPDU over SNMP fence_ipmilan: IPMI fence_ironic: OpenStack's Ironic (Bare Metal as a service) fence_ldom: Sun LDOM fence_lpar: IBM LPAR fence_mpath: multipath persistent reservation fence_netio: Koukaam NETIO-230B fence_openstack: OpenStack's Nova service fence_ovh: OVH fence_powerman: Fence Agent for Powerman fence_pve: the Proxmox Virtual Environment fence_raritan: Raritan Dominion PX fence_rcd_serial: rcd_serial fence agent fence_rhevm: RHEV-M REST API fence_rsa: IBM RSA fence_rsb: Fujitsu-Siemens RSB fence_sanbox2: QLogic SANBox2 FC switches fence_sbd: sbd fence_scsi: SCSI persistent reservation fence_tripplite_snmp: APC, Tripplite PDU over SNMP fence_vbox: VirtualBox fence_virsh: virsh fence_vmware: VMWare fence_vmware_rest: VMware REST API fence_vmware_soap: VMWare over SOAP API fence_vmware_vcloud: VMware vCloud Director API fence_wti: WTI fence_xenapi: Citrix XenServer over XenAPI fence_zvmip: use with z/VM Virtual Machines