library and tools for LV2 plugins


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apt-get install lv2-c++-tools
apt-get install lv2-c++-tools
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install lv2-c++-tools
dnf install lv2-c++-tools-devel
apt-get install lv2-c++-tools


library and tools for LV2 plugins

These are some tools and libraries that may come in handy when writing LV2 plugins in C++. The following static libraries are provided: * liblv2-plugin is a C++ library that you can use to write LV2 plugins by inheriting from a plugin base class and overriding a small number of functions. * liblv2-gui is a C++ library that you can use to write LV2 plugin GUIs. This package also contains the binaries lv2peg and lv2soname: * lv2peg is a program that generates C header files from Turtle files containing LV2 plugin data. * lv2soname is a program that generate the RDF triples needed to tell hosts that the library with that soname must never be unloaded even after your plugin GUI library has been unloaded. This package provides runtime objects and development files.


Development files for lv2-c++-tools