LizardFS - client tools and mount utility


All systems
Debian Debian
apt-get install lizardfs-client
apt-get install lizardfs-client
Arch Arch Linux
pacman -S moosefs
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install lizardfs-client
dnf install lizardfs-client
Windows (WSL2)
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install lizardfs-client
apt-get install lizardfs-client


LizardFS - client tools and mount utility

LizardFS FUSE mount utility "mfsmount" and client tool "mfstools". LizardFS is a reliable, scalable and efficient distributed file system. It spreads data over a number of physical servers, making it visible to an end user as a single file system. Functions such as data replication, checksums, instant snapshots and easy connection of additional servers make LizardFS a perfect solution for users who need fault-proof storage ready for future expansion. LizardFS features include: * High availbility. * Quotas. * POSIX Access Control Lists and POSIX Extended Attributes. * I/O bandwidth limiting. LizardFS can be used whenever one needs to store large quantities of data in a secure way and process them swiftly. LizardFS is a fork of MooseFS.


High performing and fault tolerant distributed file system