Python client for Mistral REST API


All systems
curl cmd.cat/mistral.sh
dnf install python2-mistralclient


Python client for Mistral REST API


OpenStack Workflow as a Service client - Python 3.x

Mistral is a task management service. It is also known as Workflow as a Service. Most business processes consist of multiple distinct interconnected steps that need to be executed in a particular order in a distributed environment. One can describe such process as a set of tasks and task relations and upload such description to Mistral so that it takes care of state management, correct execution order, task distribution and high availability. Mistral also provides flexible task scheduling so that users can run a process according to a specified schedule (i.e. every Sunday at 4.00pm) instead of running it immediately. Such set of tasks and dependencies between them is called a workflow. Independent routes in a workflow (which, in fact, is a graph) are called flows and Mistral can execute them in parallel. This package provides a cli and a Python 3.x client module.