Cluster Resource Agents


All systems
curl cmd.cat/ocft.sh
Debian Debian
apt-get install resource-agents
apt-get install resource-agents
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install resource-agents
yum install resource-agents
dnf install resource-agents
apt-get install resource-agents


Cluster Resource Agents

This package contains cluster resource agents (RAs) compliant with the Open Cluster Framework (OCF) specification, used to interface with various services in a High Availability environment managed by the Pacemaker resource manager. Agents included: AoEtarget: Manages ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) target exports AudibleAlarm: Emits audible beeps at a configurable interval CTDB: CTDB Resource Agent ClusterMon: Runs crm_mon in the background, recording the cluster status to... Delay: Waits for a defined timespan Dummy: Example stateless resource agent EvmsSCC: Manages EVMS Shared Cluster Containers (SCCs) (deprecated) Evmsd: Controls clustered EVMS volume management Filesystem: Manages filesystem mounts ICP: Manages an ICP Vortex clustered host drive IPaddr: Manages virtual IPv4 addresses (portable version) IPaddr2: Manages virtual IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (Linux specific version) IPsrcaddr: Manages the preferred source address for outgoing IP packets IPv6addr: Manages IPv6 aliases LVM: Controls the availability of an LVM Volume Group LVM-activate: This agent activates/deactivates logical volumes. LinuxSCSI: Enables and disables SCSI devices through the MailTo: Notifies recipients by email in the event of resource takeover ManageRAID: Manages RAID devices ManageVE: Manages an OpenVZ Virtual Environment (VE) NodeUtilization: Node Utilization Pure-FTPd: Manages a Pure-FTPd FTP server instance Raid1: Manages Linux software RAID (MD) devices on shared storage Route: Manages network routes SAPDatabase: Manages a SAP database instance as an HA resource. SAPInstance: Manages a SAP instance as an HA resource. SendArp: Broadcasts unsolicited ARP announcements ServeRAID: Enables and disables shared ServeRAID merge groups SphinxSearchDaemon: Manages the Sphinx search daemon. Squid: Manages a Squid proxy server instance Stateful: Example stateful resource agent SysInfo: Records various node attributes in the CIB VIPArip: Manages a virtual IP address through RIP2 VirtualDomain: Manages virtual domains through the libvirt virtualization f... WAS: Manages a WebSphere Application Server instance WAS6: Manages a WebSphere Application Server 6 instance WinPopup: Sends an SMB notification message to selected hosts Xen: Manages Xen unprivileged domains (DomUs) Xinetd: Manages a service of Xinetd ZFS: Manages ZFS pools aliyun-vpc-move-ip: Move IP within a VPC of the Aliyun ECS anything: Manages an arbitrary service apache: Manages an Apache Web server instance asterisk: Manages an Asterisk PBX aws-vpc-move-ip: Move IP within a VPC of the AWS EC2 aws-vpc-route53: Update Route53 VPC record for AWS EC2 awseip: Amazon AWS Elastic IP Address Resource Agent awsvip: Amazon AWS Secondary Private IP Address Resource Agent azure-events: Microsoft Azure Scheduled Events monitoring agent azure-lb: Answers Azure Load Balancer health probe requests clvm: clvmd conntrackd: This resource agent manages conntrackd db2: Resource Agent that manages an IBM DB2 LUW databases in Standard role ... dhcpd: Chrooted ISC DHCP server resource agent. dnsupdate: IP take-over via dynamic DNS update docker: Docker container resource agent. eDir88: Manages a Novell eDirectory directory server ethmonitor: Monitors network interfaces exportfs: Manages NFS exports fio: fio IO load generator galera: Manages a galara instance garbd: Manages a galera arbitrator instance gcp-pd-move: Attach/Detach a persistent disk on current GCP instance gcp-vpc-move-ip: Move IP within a GCP VPC gcp-vpc-move-route: Move IP within a GCP VPC gcp-vpc-move-vip: Floating IP Address on Google Cloud Platform iSCSILogicalUnit: Manages iSCSI Logical Units (LUs) iSCSITarget: iSCSI target export agent ids: Manages an Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) instance iface-bridge: Manages Bridge network interfaces. iface-vlan: Manages VLAN network interfaces. ipsec: Handles IPSEC tunnels for VIPs iscsi: Manages a local iSCSI initiator and its connections to iSCSI targets jboss: Manages a JBoss application server instance jira: JIRA OCF RA kamailio: Resource agent for Kamailio ldirectord: Wrapper OCF Resource Agent for ldirectord lvmlockd: This agent manages the lvmlockd daemon lxc: Manages LXC containers lxd-info: Records various node attributes in the CIB machine-info: Records various node attributes in the CIB mariadb: Manages a MariaDB master/slave instance minio: OCF Resource Agent compliant Minio server script. mpathpersist: Manages SCSI persistent reservations on multipath devices mysql: Manages a MySQL database instance mysql-proxy: Manages a MySQL Proxy instance nagios: Nagios resource agent named: Manages a named server nfsnotify: sm-notify reboot notifications nfsserver: Manages an NFS server nginx: Manages an Nginx web/proxy server instance openstack-cinder-volume: Attach a cinder volume openstack-floating-ip: Move a floating IP openstack-info: Records various node attributes in the CIB oraasm: Oracle ASM resource agent oracle: Manages an Oracle Database instance oralsnr: Manages an Oracle TNS listener ovsmonitor: Monitors ovs bonding bonds pgagent: Controls pgagent pgsql: Manages a PostgreSQL database instance pingd: Monitors connectivity to specific hosts or podman: Podman container resource agent. portblock: Block and unblocks access to TCP and UDP ports postfix: Manages a highly available Postfix mail server instance pound: Manage a Pound instance proftpd: OCF Resource Agent compliant FTP script. rabbitmq-cluster: rabbitmq clustered redis: Redis server rkt: rkt container resource agent. rsyncd: Manages an rsync daemon rsyslog: rsyslog resource agent scsi2reservation: scsi-2 reservation sfex: Manages exclusive access to shared storage using Shared Disk File EXc... sg_persist: Manages SCSI PERSISTENT RESERVATIONS slapd: Manages a Stand-alone LDAP Daemon (slapd) instance sybaseASE: Sybase ASE Failover Instance symlink: Manages a symbolic link syslog-ng: Syslog-ng resource agent tomcat: Manages a Tomcat servlet environment instance varnish: Manage a Varnish instance vmware: Manages VMWare Server 2.0 virtual machines vsftpd: Manages an vsftpd zabbixserver: Zabbix server resource agent


The reusable cluster components for Linux HA

This package contains various reusable cluster components from the Linux HA project. Originally belonging to Heartbeat, they can and sometimes must be used with OpenAIS driven clusters as well.