CLI applications to interact with websites


All systems
Debian Debian
apt-get install weboob
apt-get install weboob
Arch Arch Linux
pacman -S weboob-headless
Windows (WSL2)
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install weboob
brew install weboob
apt-get install weboob


CLI applications to interact with websites

This package contains command-line applications including: * boobank: Bank accounts management * boobathon: Application to participate to a boobathon * boobcoming: List events, fill your calendar * boobill: Application allowing to get and download bills * booblyrics: Search and display song lyric * boobmsg: Read and post messages on websites from console * boobooks: List your books rented or booked at the library * boobsize: Display various gauges status * boobtracker: Search and download torrents * cineoob: Search movies, persons, torrents, subtitles, and get info about them * comparoob: Compare prices of products * cookboob: Search recipes, display details and export it in a readable format * flatboob: Look for a house * galleroob: Galleries search tool * geolooc: Geolocalize IP addresses from console * handjoob: Find a job * havedate: Increase your success on dating websites * monboob: Email proxy for websites containing messages * parceloob: Track shipping of parcels * pastoob: Paste long text and see pastes * radioob: Radio search and listening tool * shopoob: Obtain details and status of e-commerce orders * suboob: Search and download subtitles for movies * translaboob: Translate functions * traveloob: Travel search tool * videoob: Video search tool * webcontentedit: Edit website contents from the command line * weboorrents: Torrent search tool * wetboobs: Weather forecast search tool


Provides several applications to interact with a lot of websites. Headless version, for use in e.g. Cozy/Kresus.