Database schema migration for SQLAlchemy - Python 2.7


All systems
Debian Debian
apt-get install python-migrate
apt-get install python-migrate
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install python-migrate
dnf install python-migrate
Windows (WSL2)
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python-migrate
apt-get install python-migrate


Database schema migration for SQLAlchemy - Python 2.7

Inspired by Ruby on Rails' migrations, migrate provides a way to deal with database schema changes in SQLAlchemy projects. SQLAlchemy-migrate is build on top of SQLAlchemy and provides a changeset and a versioning API for database schemas as well as a script utilizing these APIs. The database change sets are managed in a file based repository allowing upgrades and downgrades of database schema versions. The change sets may consist of Python code facilitating the changeset API or SQL scripts. SQLAlchemy-migrate has support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Oracle databases. The support for Oracle is not as well tested as the support for the other database systems. This package provides the Python 2.7 module.