Debug symbols for Apache Subversion


All systems
Debian Debian
apt-get install subversion-dbg
apt-get install subversion-dbg
Windows (WSL2)
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install subversion-dbg
apt-get install subversion-dbg


Debug symbols for Apache Subversion

This package contains debug symbols for libsvn1 and its dependent packages including subversion, libapache2-mod-svn, and the various programming language interfaces.


Assorted tools related to Apache Subversion

This package includes miscellaneous tools for use with Apache Subversion clients and servers: * svn-backup-dumps: Incremental dumpfile-based backup script * svn-bisect: Bisect revisions to find a regression * svn-clean: Remove unversioned files from a working copy * svn-fast-backup: rsync-based backup script for FSFS repositories * svn-hot-backup: Backup script, primarily for BDB repositories * svn_apply_autoprops: Apply property settings from .subversion/config file to an existing repository * svn_load_dirs: Sophisticated replacement for 'svn import' * svnwrap: Set umask to 002 before calling svn or svnserve * fsfs-stats: Print FSFS repository stats * fsfs-reorg: Optimize FSFS packing * fsfs-access-map: Convert strace output into FSFS access map * several example hook scripts: commit-access-control, commit-email, log-police, mailer, svnperms, verify-po NOTE that some of these scripts are unsupported by upstream, and may change radically or disappear in future releases. Some of these scripts require packages on the Recommends list.


Advanced version control system

Apache Subversion, also known as svn, is a centralised version control system. Version control systems allow many individuals (who may be distributed geographically) to collaborate on a set of files (source code, websites, etc). Subversion began with a CVS paradigm and supports all the major features of CVS, but has evolved to support many features that CVS users often wish they had. This package includes the Subversion client (svn, svnsync), repository administration tools (svnadmin, svnlook) and a network server (svnserve).