Assorted tools related to Apache Subversion


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Debian Debian
apt-get install subversion-tools
apt-get install subversion-tools
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install subversion-tools
yum install subversion-tools
dnf install subversion-tools
apt-get install subversion-tools


Assorted tools related to Apache Subversion

This package includes miscellaneous tools for use with Apache Subversion clients and servers: * svn-backup-dumps: Incremental dumpfile-based backup script * svn-bisect: Bisect revisions to find a regression * svn-clean: Remove unversioned files from a working copy * svn-fast-backup: rsync-based backup script for FSFS repositories * svn-hot-backup: Backup script, primarily for BDB repositories * svn_apply_autoprops: Apply property settings from .subversion/config file to an existing repository * svn_load_dirs: Sophisticated replacement for 'svn import' * svnwrap: Set umask to 002 before calling svn or svnserve * fsfs-stats: Print FSFS repository stats * fsfs-reorg: Optimize FSFS packing * fsfs-access-map: Convert strace output into FSFS access map * several example hook scripts: commit-access-control, commit-email, log-police, mailer, svnperms, verify-po NOTE that some of these scripts are unsupported by upstream, and may change radically or disappear in future releases. Some of these scripts require packages on the Recommends list.