Enlightenment efl based terminal emulator


All systems
curl cmd.cat/tyls.sh
Debian Debian
apt-get install terminology
apt-get install terminology
Arch Arch Linux
pacman -S terminology
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install terminology
dnf install terminology
apt-get install terminology


Enlightenment efl based terminal emulator

It emulates a slightly extended vt100 with some extensions and bling: * Most escapes supported by xterm, rxvt, Xterm 256 color, etc. work * Background effects, Transparency, bitmap and scalable fonts supported * Themes for the layout and design, and a visual bell. * URL, file path and email address detection and link-handling * Inline display of link content * Multiple copy and paste selections and buffer support * Works in X11, Wayland and directly in the Linux framebuffer (fbcon) * Finger/touch controlled, scan scale by UI scaling factors * Render using OpenGL or OpenGL-ES2 or Software mode. * Can display inlined multimedia, multiple tabs and split into multiple panes * Block text selection. Drag and drop of text selections and links * Can stream media from URLs * Tab switcher has live thumbnail content * Single process, multiple windows/terminals support