library for accessing discs and disc image file (utilities)


All systems
curl cmd.cat/dsktrans.sh
Debian Debian
apt-get install libdsk-utils
apt-get install libdsk-utils
image/svg+xml Kali Linux
apt-get install libdsk-utils
dnf install libdsk-tools


library for accessing discs and disc image file (utilities)

LibDsk contains libraries and tools for handling disc images, for example in emulators or to access images of vintage computers and consoles. It has support for the following disc types: - Raw files (including /dev/fdn). - Raw files, rearranged into logical filesystem order. - .DSK files, as used in CPCEMU, JOYCE and other Sinclair/Amstrad emulators. - MYZ80 hard drive image files. - NanoWasp floppy image files. - .CFI (Compressed Floppy Image) files, as created by FDCOPY.COM under DOS. - CopyQM files - TeleDisk files - Compaq QRST files - APRIDISK image files - The LDBS format - The SAP format This package contains stand-alone utilities to handle disk images on the command line.


Tools for use with libdsk